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Completion through removal
01 / 09
Spatial intervention, framed archival pigment print, 125 × 85 cm

Realised for Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect. Anu Vahtra: Completion through removal at Kumu Art Museum 21.02. – 08.06.2019, curated by Sergio Bessa (The Bronx Museum of the Arts), Jessamyn Fiore (The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark), Anu Allas (Kumu Art Museum).


Spatial intervention into the display architecture of Wild Souls. Symbolism in the Art of the Baltic States, an exhibition preceding the show of Gordon Matta-Clark and Anu Vahtra in the great hall of the Kumu Art Museum. Vertical cuts in the temporary walls respond to Matta-Clark’s architectural interventions and reveal the inner space of the wall structure, whereas from one vantage point—marked on the floor with a blue X—all six columns of the great hall become visible. The title of the work is borrowed from one of Gordon Matta-Clark’s anarchitecture cards, which says: a response to cosmetic design / completion through removal / completion through collapse / completion in emptyness.



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