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Open House Closing. A Walk


Video documentation, 25’44’’
01 / 15
427 Broadway. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Mercer Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
53 Greene Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
63 Greene Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Greene Street. Video still: Joy Elaine Davenport
65–67 Greene Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
144 Spring Street. Photo: Johan Huimerind (Them Media)
102 Wooster Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
127 Prince Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
127 Prince Street, FOOD. Video still: Piibe Kolka
112 Greene Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
151 Mercer Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Corner Spring and Mercer. Video still: Joy Elaine Davenport
93 Mercer Street. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
What are the top issues that SoHo faces today?

A performance-intervention in the form of a loosely scripted walking tour in SoHo’s cast-iron district in New York, emphasising its many vacant spaces, their histories, and the forces that now keep them empty. Staged six times on 15, 16 and 17 November 2017 as part of Performa 17.


During the walk, the current phenomenon of post-gentrification was highlighted with the help of the audience—each member of the group was bearing a flashlight, all together forming a collective spotlight to shine on empty structures along the way. In addition, a portable projector was used to cast archival material of the legacy of Gordon Matta-Clark and his contemporaries from the 1970s to draw links between SoHo’s past and present.


A Performa Project for Performa 17
Estonian Pavilion Without Walls
Co-presented by Performa and the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center
Produced by Performa


Camera: David Guinan & Joy Elaine Davenport (Polemic Media), Piibe Kolka
Editor: Alis Mäesalu


Thank you: Catherine Feliz, Kyla Raskin, Evelyn Raudsepp, Esa Nickle, Maaike Gouwenberg, Karin Laansoo, Kadri Laas, Lieven Lahaye, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Putnam Rolling Ladder Co., Inc.



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