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32 reproductions
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BACK TO THE GARDEN by Tõnis Saadoja (Lugemik, 2012) & NOBODY EXPECTED THERE WOULD BE MUCH DISCUSSION ABOUT IT by Ott Metusala (Lugemik & ETDM, 2016)
HOW-TO-CALM-YOURSELF-AFTER-SEEING-A-DEAD-BODY TECHNIQUES by Dénes Farkas (Lugemik & EKKM, 2017) & ROMEO JA JULIA by Anneli Porri (ed.) (Lugemik, 2013)
LILLI, REED, FRIEDA, SABINE, EHA, MALLE, ALFRED, REIN AND MARI by Anna-Stina Treumund (Lugemik, 2013) & FLEETING by Tuukka Kaila (Lugemik, 2011)
FROM THE BIRD'S MOUTH by LeRoy Stevens (Lugemik, 2012) & ALICE KASK by Alice Kask (Lugemik, 2016)
SISU JA VORM II by Indrek Sirkel & Anu Vahtra (eds.) (Lugemik & ETDM, 2012) & PENJET NOTEBOOK by Jaan Evart (Lugemik, 2017)
THE STATE IS NOT A WORK OF ART by Katerina Gregos (ed.) (Lugemik & Tallinn Art Hall, 2018) & FACE-TO-FACE: THE STORY OF THE BALTIC EXCHANGE (Lugemik & EAM, 2016)
KNOCK! KNOCK! BOOKS by Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja (Lugemik & Knock! Knock! Books, 2016) & WOMEN OF THE WORLD by Marge Monko (Lugemik, 2018)
DAMAGE by Mark Raidpere (Lugemik & EKKM, 2013) & ILLUSION by Antje Peters (Lugemik, 2016)
SECRET WORD IS HYPE by Rondal Pihlapson (Lugemik, 2012) & APOCRYPHAS by Raul Meel (Lugemik & CCA Estonia, 2016)
PAINTING AND WAITING by Marko Mäetamm (Lugemik, 2013) & I HAVEN'T MOVED MY HEAD FROM THE PILLOW by Kristi Kongi (Lugemik, 2015)
UNEMPLOYMENT WILL TEAR US APART by Flo Kasearu (Lugemik, 2012) & I DON’T EAT FLOWERS by Marge Monko (Lugemik, 2012)
TOO GOOD TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED by Paul Paper (Lugemik, 2017) & HAIR SUCKS! by Jaanus Samma (Lugemik, 2014)
UNTITLED by Anu Vahtra (Lugemik, 2015) & NOTES ON SPACE. MONUMENTAL PAINTING IN ESTONIA 1947–2012 by Paul Kuimet, Gregor Taul (Lugemik, 2017)
SHORT TERM ETERNITY by Gordon Matta-Clark, Anu Vahtra (Lugemik & EKM, 2019) & TOWARDS NOTHING by Mikko Rikala (Lugemik, 2016)
DAWN OF THE SWARM by Merike Estna (Lugemik, 2018) & FLO’S BOOK by Flo Kasearu (Lugemik & Flo Kasearu House Museum, 2017)
IN VICINITY by Paul Kuimet (Lugemik, 2011)
PUBLISHED BY LUGEMIK. PRINTED MATTER FROM 2010–2019, edited by Indrek Sirkel & Anu Vahtra
PUBLISHED BY LUGEMIK. PRINTED MATTER FROM 2010–2019, edited by Indrek Sirkel & Anu Vahtra

Series of 32 photographs for Published by Lugemik: Printed matter from 2010–2019 (Lugemik & ETDM, 2019), reproducing 32 different artworks from 32 different book published by Lugemik.