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Goodbye air pollution, the future is here
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An exhibition realised at P/////AKT in Amsterdam, 11.03. – 11.04.2021.


In Goodbye air pollution, the future is here, my interest in exhibition space meets my fascination with urban space. A series of wall-like structures built out of discarded materials—collected from various demolition and construction sites in the area around P/////AKT—have been arranged in a formation dividing and organising the space. They host excerpts from the process of observing and documenting a city constantly under construction, including photography and video as well as a variety of debris from Brussels and Amsterdam.


Special thanks to Lieven Lahaye, Emiel Zeno, Paulien Barbas, Maikel Graven, and René de Bruijn.


Take a look:

Conversations with A, a reflection on the exhibition by artist and film maker Ingel Vaikla.


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