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On the Fence. Memories of a Dead End
Video loop, projection in public space of Nowy Port district in Gdansk, Poland

Realised for Smugglers. Narracje Festival #7, Nowy Port district of Gdansk, Poland, 20. – 21.11.2015, curated by Anna Smolak.


“Anu Vahtra walks along a fence in Nowy Port. Through the cracks and gaps she tries to look at the fragmented landscape on the other side. The video On the Fence. Memories of a Dead End consists of both static and mobile looped images of fences and walls, which the artist piles up in layers, multiplying, fragmenting and deforming them. The result is a video collage, which refers to the incompleteness of perception and memory of places but is also an attempt to fill with new content empty spaces deprived of their function. The images projected in the culdesac in Solec Street are both a quotation from the surrounding urban landscape and a symbolic shifting of meanings within the found situation, a sui generis reality ‘bulge’. At the same time, the work is an attempt to capture the panorama of an urban landscape on the flat surface of the screen. The artist has cast the spectator in the role of a flâneur, who, ‘since the meaning of what he sees cannot be made explicit, […] can let his imagination roam.’ (Z. Bauman)”

– Anna Smolak