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Untitled Monolith I–III
01 / 03
Framed archival pigment print, 85 × 120 cm
Framed archival pigment print, 85 × 120 cm
Framed archival pigment print, 85 × 120 cm

The photographs show three sculptures constructed of defective bricks in a monumental setting—the attention of the viewer is directed to the particular shape and texture of the material, enhanced by the oversized representation in relation to the distinct background.


After the invitation to contribute to the collection of Wienerberger AG, one of the biggest brick manufacturers in Europe, I became interested in the scrap material of the production. In Aseri where the Estonian branch of the factory is located, leftovers have piled up forming a whole landscape of brick mountains. Instead of looking at the landscape from the distance I’m interested in the refused brick as an abstract form which—having no practical value—would have a potential to be highlighted as an unique piece of sculpture.


Commission for Insights – Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection, curated by Moritz Stipsicz & Valerie Loudon (Büro für Kunst).